Changer Youth League Branch organizes youth networking activities

2014-08-10 12:00:24 12

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Summer is a good time to watch the sea. In order to provide the company's young people with a broader platform for making friends, from August 7th to 8th, the company's Youth League Branch and the Huzhen Hospital Youth League jointly organized more than 60 young people to carry out outdoor networking activities in the Chinese fishing village.

Come to the most attractive Songhuangcheng Beach in the Chinese fishing village. Everyone has a swim in the water, lying on the beach, sunbathing, catching crabs, snails and digging sand. In the evening, with the sunset and sunset, a barbecue and a bonfire party were held. In the bonfire of the bonfire, everyone joined hands to enjoy the burning enthusiasm, self-introduction, talent show, interactive games, etc., so that everyone deepened understanding, enhanced friendship, joy and singing accompanied by flames Beat together! The next morning, everyone watched the sunrise at the seaside, and the networking event also ended with a happy ending in everyone's laughter.