The 7th Basketball League of Huzhen Town

2014-08-02 11:49:58 13

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On July 22nd, the 7th Basketball League of Huzhen Town, sponsored by the People's Government of Huzhen Town and co-organized by the Huzhen Basketball Association, officially kicked off at the Xishan Mountain Lighting Stadium in Huzhen Town.

The company's "Shuner Equipment" team and the other six enterprise teams participated in the league. First, they took the group round robin system to produce the top four, and then competed for the top three. Looking back at this wonderful basketball game, the fierce competition, the cheering audience, the hard-working staff, all of which constitute a beautiful pattern, a moving picture.

The "Sports Club" organized by the company's trade unions is not afraid of the hot weather, and beats drums and cheers outside the court. With this strong backing, the enthusiasm of the players reached their peak. They used sweat to convey their love for sports and conveyed the team spirit of mutual help. Everyone on and off the court is attracted by the charm of basketball. Each team carries forward the friendship first, the spirit of the second game, the next heart, the cooperation, the wonderful interception, the wonderful pass, the block shot, the jump shot, the dribble, the long-range shooting, which brings a rich to the audience. Visual feast. At the same time, the teams also played the level, the results of the game, the style of the game.

After a few days of fierce competition, although the company did not enter the finals, but through this event, increased the staff's love for basketball, but also fully demonstrated that the smooth people are united and up, not to give up in the last second. Spiritual style, built a good atmosphere of love sports and active fitness. More importantly, it enhances the team's cohesiveness and enhances the spirit of cooperation.