Leader of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Lishui City

2014-07-24 11:51:47 11

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On July 18, Zhang Jinlu, director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Lishui City, Chen Xiaolin, director of the Safety Supervision Department, and Mei Qingjun, chief engineer, led by Chen Qun, director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jinyun County, Huang Guoping, head of the discipline inspection team, and He Jiliang, chief of the special equipment safety supervision department. Accompanied by leaders, we will come to the company for research and guidance.

Accompanied by Lin Lugao, the chairman of the board of directors visited the production workshop of the company, learned about the production and operation situation of the enterprise and the technological innovation, and listened to the report on the use of the special equipment wisdom system, pointing out that the enterprise should do the truth in the self-inspection record management. Good daily use of maintenance records.