The graduation ceremony of the first "Lishui College Jinyun High-tech College"

2014-07-10 13:44:51 21

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On July 8, the graduation ceremony of the first "Lishui College Jinyun High-tech College" was held in the company's exhibition hall. The ceremony was hosted by Hu Chunmei, executive vice president of the company. Jiang Lihong, dean of the School of Engineering, Lishui University, Zhu Yinfa, vice president, professor-level senior engineer Xu Yaokun, Director of Teaching Supervision Ye He, Chairman of the Board Lin Luga attended the ceremony.

At the graduation ceremony, Vice President Hu expressed his gratitude to the college for his strong support and help. He hoped that each student would apply the knowledge he had learned to practice, take the lead and pass the work, and use his own power to drive each side. One person, leading the company to go longer and further.

Subsequently, President Jiang made a speech as the representative of the school. He said that he will continue the school-enterprise cooperation and jointly exert their respective advantages, do a good job in personnel training, technological innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and continuously improve the ability of scientific research and innovation and the quality of personnel training. Promote the coordinated development of school-enterprise and make greater contributions to the economic and cultural development of Lishui. Professor Xu, the class teacher, also encourages and hopes that every student present can apply what he has learned, never graduate, live to be old, and learn to be old. Finally, the student representative Song Lizhen and all the students expressed their deep gratitude to the leaders and teachers of the hospital.