Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Leadership Research Enterprises

2014-06-10 13:52:38 11

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On June 5, Li Renzhi, member of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chen Junyan, Director of the Economic Department of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Cai Jianxi, Deputy Secretary General of Lishui Municipal Government, Director of the Municipal Economic Cooperation Office, Xiao Rong, Vice Chairman of Lishui City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Standing Committee of Jinyun County Committee The Minister of the United Front, Qian Chunhong, and the deputy director of the Lishui Technology Industrial Park Management Committee, accompanied by leaders such as Yang Jinyue, came to the company for research and guidance.

Accompanied by executive vice president Hu Chunmei, the delegation visited the production workshop of the company, watched the introduction of the enterprise innovation team and product promotion videos, and listened carefully to the report of Chairman Lin Lugao on the development of the company in recent years and the status of technological innovation. It has fully affirmed the achievements of enterprises in technological innovation and "machine substitution", and encouraged enterprises to increase cooperation with automobile and motorcycle supporting enterprises through technological innovation and occupy a larger market space.