Safety production and dedication training

2014-06-04 14:10:24 12

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On the evening of May 27th, Director Wu Jianping of Jinyun County Employment Management Office led the staff to “send training” to the enterprise, and invited the leaders of Zou Guiliang, deputy director of Jinyun County Safety Supervision Bureau and Ma Fengxing, vice president of Jinyun County Party School, to conduct safety production for employees. Dedicated training.

In the safety production training, Zou said vividly to the staff about 13 unsafe behaviors, the causes of unsafe behaviors and how to avoid unsafe behaviors, so that employees have more adequate security mistakes in their daily work. understanding.

Then Vice President Ma Fengxing taught us how to be a good employee: to be good at discovering the strengths of others and to transform them into their own advantages, it is also necessary to persist in lifelong learning, always do things seriously, and be sincere, heart, perseverance, peace of mind, Concentric, adhere to the principle of being a man. The wonderful lectures of the headmaster of the horse received warm applause from the audience.

Through this training, the safety production awareness of all employees has been improved, and the understanding and understanding of all employees' dedication and dedication have been deepened.