Director Yu Xiaojun, High-tech Office of Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, and his company

2014-04-30 14:14:02 18

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On May 26, Director Yu Xiaojun of the High-tech Department of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department visited the company accompanied by Zheng Lanfu, Yang Jinyue, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Lijing Hardware Technology Industrial Park, and Zhao Meng, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and Wang Mengxiong, Director of the Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau. Research guidance.

Accompanied by Lin Lugao, the chairman of the board of directors visited the production workshop and listened carefully to the report of Chairman Lin Lugao on the development of the company in recent years and the scientific and technological innovation of the enterprise, and learned about the intelligent equipment and automation of the enterprise. The research and development of products such as production lines, and at the same time, discussed with the person in charge of the company on the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise.

Mr. Yu has fully affirmed the achievements of the company in recent years, encouraging enterprises to continuously advance to the high-end through technological innovation; at the same time, strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions to jointly solve key technical problems and achieve in technological innovation. A new breakthrough.