60 young people from Changer participated in the youth association of the township enterprises and institutions

2014-04-16 14:16:23 12

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In order to promote the youth exchanges between the members of the enterprises and institutions within the scope of the town, the Youth League activities of the enterprises and institutions with the theme of “Meeting Youth and Happy Life – Hu Town is My Home” hosted by the Huzhen Town Youth League Committee on April 13 The town kindergarten is held.

In the friendship, the song "I believe" by the company's group branch showed the youth and vitality of the Changer team to the young people present. Throughout the program of songs, dances, games, etc., the entire networking event shows the young and energetic spirit of the youth of the Youth League and promotes the exchanges between enterprises and institutions. More than 600 young friends from all walks of life gathered together to showcase their style and skills in relaxed and fun games and performances, and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship. The scene was filled with warm, cheerful and youthful atmosphere.