Liu Zhonghua, chief engineer of the company, was named "Top Ten Virtue New Lishui People"

2013-09-18 15:18:50 8

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On the afternoon of September 17, a hundred “Best Beautiful Water Man” awards and advanced deeds report meeting was held in Lishui Grand Theatre. Li Yongshui Party Committee Secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Yongkang, Lishui Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Municipal People's Government Mayor Huang Zhiping, Lishui Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Political and Legal Committee Secretary Zhu Chen and other relevant leaders attended the commendation meeting. Liu Zhonghua, the chief engineer of our company, was awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Virtue New Lishui People” in this commendation meeting.

The commendation conference was launched to vigorously promote the new trend of socialist morality, actively promote the civilized moral construction of Lishui City, and advocate that each Lishui person actively discovers good people and good things around him and jointly build beautiful new Lishui. In the future work, our company will vigorously promote the advanced deeds of Comrade Liu Zhonghua, actively advocate the construction of moral civilization, and strive to discover and discover the "most beautiful water good people" and make their own contributions to the construction of a beautiful new water city!