Provincial major science and technology special projects passed the acceptance

2013-08-30 15:20:17 10

On August 20th, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department held the acceptance meeting of the company's major science and technology project “Electric servo drive efficient broaching R&D” project in Hangzhou. The acceptance will hear the Chairman Lin Lugao's summary report and technical report on the project implementation work, and review the relevant acceptance data. After discussion by the expert group, the project has completed the research and development tasks stipulated in the contract and agreed to pass the acceptance.

"Electric servo drive efficient broaching R & D" project, the total investment of research and development costs is 8,342,200 yuan, independently developed a special AC servo drive control system, realizes the electric servo drive of the large tonnage broaching machine; the main slide adopts the double servo high power motor High-precision synchronous drive technology and closed-loop feedback control technology ensure synchronous movement of the main slide; the bed and the main slide adopt balanced structure design, which reduces the deformation of the bed during broaching and improves the machining accuracy; control system design The synchronous fine-tuning and multi-protection modules integrate the functions of human-computer interaction interface and remote monitoring to realize the intelligent control of the broaching machine. The related technology has obtained 2 invention patents and 9 utility model patents, and the technical level is leading in China. The project products have been inspected by the Zhejiang Provincial Electromechanical Product Quality Inspection Institute, and the various indicators have met the requirements stipulated in the contract, filling the domestic gap. Since the successful completion of the R&D in March 2013, it has accumulated 6 production and sales since the end of July, and has been fully recognized and praised by users.