Zhejiang Province promotes the development of modern equipment manufacturing industry video conference held

2013-05-06 15:30:57 15

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On April 25th, the video conference on promoting the development of modern equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province was held in the Provincial People's Hall. Hu Chunmei, the executive vice president of the company, attended the meeting. Governor Li Qiang attended the meeting and made an important report. Provincial leaders Wang Yongchang and Zhang Zexi attended the meeting. Vice Governor Mao Guanglie presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Qiang stressed that all relevant departments in various localities should conscientiously implement the policy opinions recently introduced by the provincial government to promote the accelerated development of modern equipment manufacturing industry, and regard modern equipment manufacturing industry as the main direction of industrial modernization, the leading industry for priority development, and investment promotion. Priority projects, to create a strong province for equipment manufacturing, and at the same time put forward six areas to be implemented.