Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau leaders visited the company for research and guidance

2013-04-02 15:35:25 20

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On April 16, Chen Ke, an engineer of Zhejiang Academy of Safety and Production Science, accompanied by Zhu Yifeng, deputy director of Jinyun County Safety Supervision Bureau, Tian Zhefei, director of the comprehensive science department, Liu Pengfei, director of the office, and Zhao Yongping, the captain of the Huzhen squad of the Safety Supervision Bureau, visited the company. Safety production standardization work.

Accompanied by Lin Green, the chairman of the company, Chen Gong and his entourage visited the production workshop and guided the company according to the existing problems of the company and the requirements of national standardization.

Zhejiang Institute of Safety Production Science Chen Ke Engineer

Deputy Director of Jinyun County Safety Supervision Bureau Zhu Yifeng

Tian Zhefei, Chief, General Section, Jinyun County Safety Supervision Bureau

Office Director Liu Pengfei

Zhao Yongping, squad leader of Huzhen, Safety Supervision Bureau

Chen Gong: Visiting the company for the standardization of safety production standardization

According to the guidance of national standardization, there are still many problems such as custom positioning management, personnel walking, and wiring. Guided by 14 elements, including electrical engineering design and equipment management.

Zhu Bureau: The Provincial Academy of Science and Technology is the tutoring unit and the judging unit. Last year, 21 companies were declared and 15 were successful.

Mr. Lin: The new factory is under construction and hopes to intervene as soon as possible for guidance.