2012 commendation meeting

2013-03-27 15:39:50 27

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On March 25th, the 2012 annual commendation meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company, and all employees attended the conference.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman Lin Lugao. At the meeting, Chairman Lin read out the “Decision on Recognizing the 2012 Advanced Departments and Advanced Individuals”, and the advanced collectives and advanced individuals (2 advanced departments, 2 advanced collectives and 47 advanced individuals) emerging from the 2012 enterprises. He was commended and delivered an important speech.

In his speech, Chairman Lin first expressed warm congratulations to the commended departments and individuals on behalf of the company, and expressed sincere gratitude to all the cadres and staff for their hard work over the past year. In a brief review of the work in 2012, he pointed out that the impact of the financial crisis has not affected the pace of our progress. The team of the team is working hard, working hard, constantly developing new products, optimizing old products, and making the erical bed in the industry. The field has established a good reputation and high brand awareness.

In his speech, he warned all the participants. While achieving the results, he must clearly see the problems and deficiencies of the company. Regarding the overall requirements, guidelines and objectives of the 2013 work, he stressed: to seize opportunities, expand enterprises, accelerate development, further enhance technology research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities; comprehensive quality control, improve product quality; establish strong marketing Team; optimize the salary incentive mechanism and focus on achieving the five-year goal of Changer.

The convening of the conference mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of all employees, so that everyone can unify their thinking and clear goals in the new year's work, and firmly believe in the completion of the 2013 work goals and breakthrough innovation.