Standardization of enterprise standards, high-tech production is more reliable

2013-03-19 15:43:29 16

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On March 14, the review meeting of the enterprise standard "Technical Conditions for Electric Servo Drive Workpiece Moving Inner Brace" was held in Jinyun. The meeting determined the applicable scope, parameters, technical requirements and accuracy inspection of the standard. Leaders and experts from the County Economic and Information Bureau and the Quality Supervision Bureau, and Lin Green, the chairman of the company, attended the meeting with R&D personnel.

At the meeting, the R&D personnel of the company presented the three-dimensional animated diagram of the electric servo-driven workpiece moving broaching machine to the evaluation expert group, introduced the relevant content of the standard, and discussed the product precision requirements with the expert group. After reviewing the details of the standards one by one, the review team agreed that the standard data is complete, accurate, and standardized, meets the requirements for enterprise standard preparation, has strong pertinence and operability, and agrees to pass the review.

The smooth passage of this standard has provided a practical basis for the further standardization of the production of mobile servo-driven workpiece internal broaching machines, and has played a positive role in improving the standardization level and improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.