Lishui City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau leaders visited the high-level talents in Jinyun County

2013-01-29 16:12:55 15

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On January 24th, Chen Xiaoheng, deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lishui City, and his entourage came to Jinyun County to commemorate the special allowances of the State Council, the second level of the province 151, and the 138 level of the city to train 9 senior talent representatives, and with the talents. The representative held a discussion. Lin Green, the chairman of the board of directors, participated in the symposium as the “provincial 151 second level, city 138 first level” training personnel.

At the symposium, Chen Xiaoheng expressed condolences to senior talents from all fields in the county, awarded them 137 talent certificates and bonuses for Lishui City, and informed the participants of the construction of the 138-level talent training project in Lishui. Participants introduced their basic situation, and combined with their own positions, the industries they were engaged in, and the actual conditions of the industry, they made a wide-ranging discussion on the issues of talent environment construction, talent management and platform construction in Jinyun County, and actively made suggestions. , made many constructive comments and suggestions.

Chen Xiaoheng expressed his gratitude to the representatives for their suggestions and suggestions, and hoped that everyone will maintain their passion for work, strengthen their confidence in development, and achieve greater results in the new year.