Dr. Zhou Shijian, Chief Scientist of the Taihu Innovation Center in Detroit, USA, visited the company

2013-01-26 16:14:23 21

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On January 22, Dr. Zhou Shijian, the chief scientist of the Taihu Innovation Center in Detroit, USA, visited the company. Accompanied by Chairman Lin Lugao, Dr. Zhou visited the production workshop, learned about the product structure and technological innovation of the company, and had a discussion and technical exchange with the members of the enterprise broaching equipment technology innovation team, for R&D personnel and middle-level cadres. Relevant training was carried out.

Dr. Zhou Shijian, General Motors Corporation, Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Research and Development Expert, University of Missouri Ph.D., Visiting Professor of the University of Auckland, Chief Scientist of China Development Department of Hairi International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. After the launch of the 4th “Overseas Tsinghua Student Zhejiang Tour” event, the company was invited to visit the entrepreneurial environment and supporting services, and conduct in-depth communication and project docking with the company.