Chairman Lin Lugao was selected as a 151 talent project trainer in Zhejiang Province

2013-01-22 16:15:26 19

According to the "Implementation Opinions of the "New Century 151 Talent Project" (2001-2010) of Zhejiang Province, recommended by the unit, expert review, and organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Provincial Personnel Department, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Provincial Department of Education, Province The Provincial “New Century 151 Talent Project” joint meeting of the Ministry of Finance, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and the Provincial Science and Technology Association approved the approval of Lin Hugao as the second-level training target of “Zhejiang 151 Talent Project”.

The implementation of the Provincial 151 Talent Project is an important measure to implement the overall strategy of “starting a business and enriching the people and innovating a strong province”, better implement the strategy of strengthening the province by talents, and strengthen the team of academic and technical leaders. The human resources and social security department will work with the enterprise to formulate training plans in accordance with the objectives of building a team of academic and technical leaders, take effective measures, increase training, support personnel to undertake important scientific research work, major projects, and provide various trainings for training personnel. Training and studying abroad to continuously improve their independent innovation capabilities.