City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Leaders Research Enterprise Talent Work

2012-05-25 17:15:05 12

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On May 23, Zhang Jian, deputy director of the Lishui Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Chen Zhengping, director of the Talent Development and Management Division, Cheng Gongsheng, director of the Vocational Capacity Building Division, Wu Dingmin, deputy director of the professional and technical personnel management department, and Yu Yixin, director of the Municipal Talent Service Administration Zheng Zhe, the talent development and management department of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and other leaders visited the company to investigate talents.

The leaders and the company visited the production workshop of the company and listened to Lin Green's development of the company, the construction of the technology innovation team of Changer broaching equipment and the first domestic right-angle double-column broaching machine and robot-operated rack broaching machine. The introduction of scientific and technological achievements, to understand the status of the existing talent team and the main problems. The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will give support and attention to the practical problems of the enterprise's high-skilled personnel title evaluation.