Zhejiang Province's first "Double Ten Best" Youth Entrepreneurship Award

2010-11-17 09:08:48 27

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On November 10th, the 8th General Assembly of Zhejiang Young Entrepreneurs Association was held in the Provincial People's Hall. At the meeting, the winners of the first “Double Ten Best” Youth Entrepreneurship Awards in Zhejiang Province were commended. Lin Green, Chairman of the Board of Directors of our company It was selected as the first “Top Ten New Generation Entrepreneur of Zhejiang Province”.

The first “Double Ten Best” Youth Entrepreneurship Awards in Zhejiang Province was jointly organized by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Xinhua News Agency Zhejiang Branch. The aim was to pay attention to all kinds of young people who actively participated in entrepreneurial innovation and promoted transformation and upgrading. Establish a typical, better encourage and guide the majority of young people to strengthen their convictions, enhance their confidence, and actively participate in the practice of fully implementing the "two innovations" general strategy.