Lìshuǐ xuéyuàn chéngrén jiàoyù “jìnyún gāoxīn dàzhuān bān” zài gōngsī zhèngshì kāixué 2010-10-26 10:23:57 5 2010 Nián 10 yuè 22 rì shàngwǔ, lìshuǐ xuéyuàn chéngrén jiàoyù “jìnyún gāoxīn dàzhuān bān”

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On the morning of October 22, 2010, the opening ceremony of the “Jinyun High-tech College” for adult education in Lishui University was held in our company. Lishui College Party Committee deputy secretary, dean Zhou Xiangzhe, deputy magistrate Huang Yun of Jinyun County People's Government, Lishui College Adult Education College, Mechatronics Engineering College and the leaders of the People's Government of Huzhen Town, Jinyun County attended the ceremony.

The junior college class jointly organized by Lishui College and our company is the first adult education class run by Lishui City, which is the first school-enterprise cooperation class. It is a new mode for Lishui College to carry out academic education and training. An attempt to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the local economy.

As one of the direct sponsors of this class, our company's chairman Lin Lugao said: "Our company can become a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, relying on technology and talent, but facing the international The best competitors, the most lacking in technology and talents. The colleges run directly to the company, we are the best."

After the opening ceremony, Zhou Xiangzhe and Huang Qiang jointly unveiled the cooperation base for production, education and research.