Our company celebrates its 10th anniversary

2010-05-07 09:44:05 21

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On May 3, 2010, our company held a “10 Years of Growth and Co-casting” celebration party. The employees used their own self-edited, self-directed and self-produced programs to present a special celebration party for the relatives.

At the celebration party, Chairman Lin Lugao delivered a warm speech. He reviewed and summarized the achievements and glory of the company in the past ten years, and outlined the majestic outline of our future development.

The celebration party kicked off in the joyful music. The high-tech people sang and danced, expressing the blessings and inner joys of the company in various art forms. The carefully arranged interactive games were actively participated by the relatives, and the funny pieces were brought to you. Everyone has a unique and novel fun. The party is full of enthusiasm in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

The success of this celebration not only enriched the amateur cultural life of the employees, but also enhanced the feelings between the employees and improved the cohesiveness of the team.