"High-tech Cup" "Promoting five major developments, how do we do?" Speech contest

2010-05-07 09:48:47 15

On May 4, 2010, sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Jinyun County Committee and the Jinyun County Committee of the Communist Youth League, the “High-tech Cup” co-organized by our company “Promoting the Five Major Developments, How Do We Do It?” The speech contest was held in the administrative center of Jinyun County, and the county leader Chen Xiangzhong Ying Jianmin, Huang Qiang, Wang Daming, etc. watch the game.

The theme of the competition revolves around the promotion of intensive development, innovative development, coordinated development, characteristic development and development of Huimin proposed by the county party committee this year. The aim is to further promote the youth of the majority of the members to understand the five major developments, understand the five major developments, participate in the five major developments, and actively contribute to the promotion of the five major developments. Passion and determination.

The 15 finalists who entered the first round of the preliminary round participated in the final. The contestants used their vivid language to show their own cognition and interpretation of the five major developments, and described the initiatives and real touches of all walks of life in promoting the five major developments. Our employee Zhu Pengfei won the honorary title of “Winning Award” in this competition.