Good news: Our large-scale high-performance vertical CNC broach developed by our company passed the provincial new product appraisal

2009-06-29 10:26:53 20

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Zhejiang Lianzheng Science and Technology Evaluation Center held a large-scale high-performance vertical CNC broaching machine developed by Jinyun Gaoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on June 28, 2009 in Hangzhou. LG51SH vertical internal broaching machine, LG55KH double-cylinder heavy-duty broaching machine , LG71KT vertical broaching machine" new product appraisal meeting.

The experts attending the meeting carefully reviewed the information of the new products, and listened to the report on the development work of each project, product testing, user use and technology search, and after viewing the product work video, gave three new products to our company. Highly rated. The experts of the appraisal committee unanimously believe that these three new products are mature in technology and stable in performance, and have great innovations in design and practical technology. They meet the design requirements and are leading domestically. The main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products. The company has advanced processing equipment, process tools and testing instruments, and basically has the conditions for mass production. Experts agree that all three new products have passed the new product appraisal.