Key enterprises of Jinyun provincial high-tech industrial base

2008-09-09 10:51:36 27

Recently, the Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the "Reply on the Approval of the Establishment of Ten Provincial High-tech Characteristic Industrial Bases Such as Shangyu Lighting Appliances". The provincial high-tech industrial characteristic base of Jinyun County's featured mechanical equipment was approved to be established, and Zhejiang Saw Force was approved. Seven enterprises including Huang Group Co., Ltd. and Jinyun Gaoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are the backbone enterprises of provincial high-tech characteristic industrial bases.

There are more than 140 enterprises in the industrial base, including 7 key enterprises, with more than 5,000 employees, 775 technicians with college education or above, and 5 torch projects, mainly producing band saws, broaching machines, grinding machines, The special mechanical equipment such as pipe bending machine, cutting tool and mold has a total output value of 1.227 billion yuan in 2007.