2011 Zhejiang Qianjia Growth Star Enterprise

2007-04-23 10:53:21 34

In order to actively guide and promote the transformation of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to a province with high quality, we will focus on supporting a number of small and medium-sized enterprises that are in line with the direction of industrial development and outstanding growth, broaden financing channels, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and become stronger and stronger. “Thousands of Growth Star Enterprises” and “100 Most Investing Value Enterprises” selection activities. The event was commissioned by the provincial industrial authority, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee (SME), the provincial SME Association, the Provincial Statistics Association, the Provincial Banking Association, the Provincial Credit and Guarantee Association, the Provincial Public Policy Research Institute and other third parties. In accordance with the "Evaluation and Recognition Method for Growth SMEs in Zhejiang Province", the organization selects the authoritative comprehensive evaluation and recognition based on the principles of industrial orientation, financing needs and future growth.